Adel Al-Azmi

KUWAIT: The organizational committee of Asian Boxing Championship which Kuwait will host from August 1st to August 9th, extended the registration time to 8:00 pm July 10th. This was done in order to allow other national teams in Asia that have not yet registered to do so. So far, 24 teams have expressed their wish to participate.

Treasurer of Boxing Federation Adel Al-Azmi said the time extension came at the request of some Asian teams that could not meet the deadline to register due to procedures in their respective countries. “Out of our keenness to organize the championship in a way that is worthy of Kuwait and its sports reputation besides being the first championship organized by KBF at his level, sub-committees were asked to start preparations early all the way until the opening day at Kuwait club hall” Al-Azmi said.

Al-Azmi valued the confidence of the Asian Boxing Association in Kuwait, giving it the right to organize the championship. He added that the executive board of the International Association is following up on preparations and lauded the support of Public Authority for Sport (PAS) headed by Dr Humoud Fulaiteh. Al-Azmi said Jaber Hizam and Mishal Numan, Abdelrahman Basheer, Hamed Zayed, Jassim Buftain and Saad Al-Hajraf will participate in the training camp in Azerbaijan starting next Saturday along with 20 other boxers that will be also be part of the tournament.

By Abdellatif Sharaa