KUWAIT: A free art atelier kicked off in Kuwait yesterday where more than a dozen artists have come together to put their artworks on display to the delight of art enthusiasts on hand. The artworks on display, most of which depict Kuwait’s rich maritime tradition, tell a tale of nostalgia coupled with national pride, National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters assistant chief Bader Al-Duweish told the press on the sidelines of the event.

Highlighting the “diversity” of the works on display, the event’s organizer, Sara Khalaf, said that participating artists will be honored with certificates acknowledging their contributions to the local art scene. Kuwait’s maritime tradition is well-chronicled and is a “major component” of the “national identity,” said Ibtisam Al-Asfour, one of the participating artists, adding she was ecstatic to have art exhibits back after such events were held in abeyance because of COVID-19 restrictions. – KUNA