local2KUWAIT: MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi highly commended the efforts exerted by the Interior Ministry and state security agents in seizing what he described as ‘IS weapons,’ describing these weapons as a drop in an ocean of unlimited support some local blocs have been providing to this terrorist organization. Addressing Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, Tamimi urged him to arrest “IS bosses” in Kuwait, noting that he knows them very well.

“If you do not, US reports and reports by other countries probing terrorism have clearly said who IS supporters in Kuwait are,” he underlined, warning that waiting longer might help IS to start officially operating from Kuwait after it destroyed some other Arab countries “only to serve Zionist agendas.” “History will never forgive you if IS manages to pose more threats like that of the previous bombing,” Tamimi added, noting that the very same people who had been funding and hiring terrorists from all over the world to destroy certain countries would be doing the same thing in Kuwait.

“International terrorism propagandists and funders are Kuwaitis and the whole world knows them,” he claimed, calling for using an “iron security fist” against terrorists. “IS funders in Kuwait are not those arrested. Those are only insignificant followers and tools used by IS leaders, those who appear every now and then on various social media threatening and expressing support of IS,” Tamimi concluded.

Domestic helpers

MP Abdulhameed Dashti recently urged the interior minister to act and stop what he described as the “greed of the domestic labor offices’ mafia,” noting that they have become greedy despite passing a law to regulate domestic labor and establishing a special company to hire them. “We urge the Interior Ministry to complete this company’s executive charter as soon as possible,” he underlined, pointing out that some offices have been demanding hiring fees reaching KD 1,500 per worker although the actual cost is not more than KD 300.

Soldiers’ visit

MP Humoud Al-Hamdan filed an inquiry to the Minister of Education Dr Bader Al-Essa over a visit by US soldiers who took part in Kuwait’s liberation war to a secondary school for girls on November 2. The lawmaker questioned why a girls’ school was specifically chosen for the visit instead of a boys’ school.

Clubs’ privatization

Chairman of the parliamentary youth and sports committee MP Abdullah Maayouf said that the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS) was currently working on a law to privatize sports clubs in Kuwait.

Psychiatric medicine

A ministerial committee had finished reviewing the psychiatric medicine and the patients’ safety bills suggested and referred to the Cabinet by the Ministry of Health, sources said. The sources added that both bills were ready for discussion and were already listed on the Cabinet’s agenda for discussion next month pending final referral to the parliament in January.

Citizen murderer’s trial

An Egyptian court is due to convene next Tuesday to pass sentences against an Egyptian man who murdered a female Kuwaiti citizen and her Saudi mother in the southern Egyptian governorate of Minya with assistance from some of his relatives. The deceased citizen’s brother Rashed Al-Khamees said that the Egyptian judiciary set a hearing on November 24 to pass a verdict against five people, including two women, charged of murdering his sister.


By A Saleh, Staff Writer