KUWAIT: Weapons detectives arrested a Gulf national and accused him of firearms possession following a raid on his house. The suspect resisted arrest at first, but was eventually brought under control. Detectives received tips about the suspect trading in arms and an investigation was carried out on him. After confirming the location of his residence, the raid was carried out on his house in Jahra. Preliminary investigations revealed his arm trading deals.

Expats dumping furniture
Environment police are looking for two expats who dumped leftover furniture on the side of Khairan area road. A citizen who witnessed this happening became angry and filmed the action and then later posted it on social media. The identity of the bystander was later found out and he is being summoned to be questioned about the two expats.

Car thief or good Samaritan?
An Indian told police his car was stolen after he left it running on the side of the road. Police then later found the car parked properly and legally in a parking lot. After this discovery, the owner was called and they found the car in sound condition and with the car keys still inside. The car was taken to the police station for further investigation.

Tablets and herbs
A citizen and an Egyptian were sent to the Drugs Control General Department, as police arrested them with 12 Tramadol tablets and strange herbs suspected of being marijuana. The arrest was made in a cooperative parking lot, when police responded to a call and discovered the two in an abnormal condition. The drugs were later found on their persons. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa