Ambassador promotes Nepal tourism at diwaniya gathering

KUWAIT: Durga Prasad Bhandari, Ambassador of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, speaks during a diwaniya gathering at Al-Baghli residence. — Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: A diwaniya gathering was hosted recently at Al-Baghli residence in Nuzha to promote tourism in Nepal. Durga Prasad Bhandari, Ambassador of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, was invited at the diwaniya to update Kuwaitis on the tourism sector in Nepal. The ambassador gave a presentation about his country to attendees, and encouraged them to consider visiting Nepal in their future trips. Nepal’s hospitality is worth experiencing, he said, adding that it is not enough to only hear good things about it from people who went there.

“I know that Kuwaitis are known travelers, and we want them to experience the hospitality we share to people around the world,” he said, adding that political stability has helped the government shift focus on doing “aggressive campaigning” to attract more tourists to Nepal in 2020. “Now is the time to visit and invest in Nepal where everything is stable; from politics to business, we are always ready,” he said, noting that Nepal has launched a well-funded tourism campaign to once again encourage foreigners to visit his country and check several business opportunities available there.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia located between India and the Tibet region. It is known for its temples and Himalayan mountains, which include Mt Everest. Kathmandu, the capital, has a mazelike old quarter filled with Hindu and Buddhist shrines. Around Kathmandu Valley are Swayambhunath, a Buddhist temple with resident monkeys; Boudhanath, a massive Buddhist stupa; Hindu temples and cremation grounds at Pashupatinath; and the medieval city of Bhaktapur. Nepal is a multiethnic country with Nepali as the official language.

Parts of northern Nepal were intertwined with the culture of Tibet. The centrally located Kathmandu Valley is intertwined with the culture of Indo-Aryans, and was the seat of the prosperous Newar confederacy known as Nepal Mandala.

“There are more to see in Nepal than Mt Everest,” Ambassador Bhandari said. “Food is diverse; we serve halal food in all hotels and accommodations. Nepal is relatively close geographically to the Gulf ; it is only a four-hour flight away. Contrary to popular belief, Nepal is not always cold; we have dry season and monsoon season too.”

As per the visa, while it is not free, Ambassador Bhandari explained that for Kuwaiti tourists, they can easily obtain their visa upon arrival if they choose to go to Nepal without filing for a visa at the embassy. “But you can also secure a visa in our embassy, and the visa will be issued within a day after you apply,” he said.

By Ben Garcia