Altaf Suleiman poses with her medal following her participation in the Boston Marathon.

BOSTON: Kuwait’s Altaf Suleiman is the first Kuwaiti and GCC woman to become a six star finisher of the Abbott World Marathon Majors after competing in the Boston Marathon on Monday. Six star finishers are marathoners who have completed all six of the World Marathon Majors: A series of high-profile annual races for the cities of Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.

Suleiman had participated in five marathons before completing her achievement with Monday’s Boston Marathon. She first participated in the New York Marathon in Nov 2014, then in London in April 2016, Tokyo in Feb 2017, Berlin in 2018 and Chicago in Oct 2019. Completing these six marathons, in which professional and amateur athletes participate, is considered a great achievement for all participants. Athletes who complete this feat get a medal with six stars to indicate their participation and are inducted into the Hall of Fame.