Company launches new iPhone 11 offers

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced the inauguration of the all-new Zain Store in Mishref Cooperative Society, which leaps beyond the concept of the traditional retail branch and offers tech enthusiasts with the latest electronics. The store’s opening ceremony witnessed the presence of the company’s executive management.

The all-new store, which is the first of its kind by a telecom operator in Kuwait, comes under the umbrella of Zain’s digital transformation journey and expansion strategy, through which the company is committed to becoming closer to its customers – who are considered Kuwait’s largest family of subscribers – wherever they are. The opening also came to reflect Zain’s leadership position in the Kuwaiti market.
During the opening ceremony, Zain launched its offers for the all-new iPhone 11 devices from Apple with a variety of plans for postpaid customers. The company is keen on offering the most flexible and competitive plans to suit customers’ unique personal and professional needs.

The new Zain Store in Mishref is the first of many to-come new stores Zain will roll out soon all-around strategic locations in Kuwait. The Zain Store’s design leaps beyond the concept of the traditional retail branch. Not only does it offer Zain’s innovative solutions and customer care services, but also features a collection of the latest electronics and original accessories that Zain offers for the very first time to tech enthusiasts, including: laptops, video game consoles, drones, headphones and speakers, cases and covers, and much more.

The store also offers customers a chance to try Zain’s superfast 5G network and learn about the huge capabilities behind this revolutionary new technology. Additionally, the store has a dedicated section that features Zain LIFE’s innovative home security solutions, including smart cameras, motion sensors, smart smoke detectors, and more.

Zain Stores will always be updated with the latest from the biggest tech companies around the world, offering an exceptional concept of the retail experience by featuring the latest smart devices, high-tech touchscreens, telecommunication services, accessories, and more. The stores are equipped with the latest tech solutions that offer a rich customer experience and transform the idea of the traditional branch into a digital one. This concept comes as part of Zain’s digital transformation journey into becoming an integrated digital services provider.

This opening comes after Zain’s recent inauguration of its all-new retail branch in the Avenues Mall, Phase 4 – The Forum, featuring the latest Customer Service innovations. The new branch, which is strategically located in the latest phase of the Avenues mall called The Forum, features more employees to serve visitors all week long, especially on weekends when the mall witnesses high traffics of visitors. Zain’s new branch features an all-new Smart Mall screen, considered the first of its kind in Kuwait. The Smart Mall is an interactive touchscreen that uses the latest and most advanced technologies, offering customers the opportunity to virtually shop without the need for branch staff to be present. Customers can simply touch the screen and interact with the 3D modeled products, select the desired items, complete the transaction using their bank card, and specify the delivery location to get their order delivered wherever they need. The Smart Mall features a wide range of the latest electronics, smart devices, accessories, and more from Kuwait’s leading providers.

The newly opened branch also includes the Zain Smart Branch, which is considered the first digital self-service touchscreen of its kind launched by a telecom company in Kuwait. The Smart Branch offers Zain’s customers with new service options that were previously not available through a traditional self-service machine, and works automatically through advanced technology without the need of the presence of branch staff.

Equipped with a smart interface, the Smart Branch recognizes a customer’s identity through the advanced face recognition feature, where the branch scans the customer’s civil ID and matches their photo with their face on-the-spot. Of the many new services offered by Zain’s Smart Branch, the most notable is the SIM card replacement feature, which is the first service of its kind provided by a self-service machine. Customers can order a replacement for their lost or ineffective SIM cards and receive a new one immediately without the need of visiting a traditional branch. The Smart Branch also offers a variety of other services including recharging lines, bill payment, managing accounts, and purchasing devices from Zain’s Online Store.

The Smart Homes sector is one of the main elements of the digital transformation journey undertaken by telecoms around the world, particularly with respect to securing homes and protecting them against theft with the use of modern technology. Zain is working on designing new plans to match these transformation processes to be included in Zain LIFE in addition to its existing portfolio of smart solutions. Zain always aspires to new levels of excellence in all services it offers to its customers. Through the opening of this new store, Zain affirms its continuous efforts in meeting its customers’ needs and aspirations, and delivers its promise to offering the best services and latest technologies. The company constantly looks at ways to improve the retail experience for its customers, including providing them with the latest solutions to better serve their needs through the biggest network of branches in Kuwait.