Muna Al Fuzai

The Middle East is facing very complex and difficult conditions, especially since the situation involves religious ideologies. Talk about assault and murder in the media seems normal. It is a disgusting situation.

Aleppo has been exposed to crimes against humanity, regardless of the justifications or reasons given by any power. My simple understanding of crimes against humanity is the well-known definition that includes murder, extermination, torture, displacement and dimensional exclusion, terrorism and detention or illegal persecution for religious or racial reasons, whether individually or collectively, against civilians in occupied territories.  Isn’t that what just happened to the city of Aleppo?

The killing operation there began with a displacement of the population of east Aleppo, with a live broadcast carried by the official Syrian TV channel under the title “Aleppo victory”. This channel showed some scenes of areas of destruction in Aleppo – images that the world saw for the first time. The destruction there is massive and bloody.

Where are the UN representatives?  No comments! It sent low-ranked employees to submit a proposal on the readiness of the United Nations to assist the people of Aleppo to be expelled from their homes, at a time when the whole world knows that the International Red Cross refused to supervise the forced displacement of the people of Aleppo. This poses a big question. Did the Red Cross refuse to cover a crime against humanity?

US President Barack Obama clearly stated that the responsibility lies with the Assad regime and its allies, the Russians and Iranians. He said in a press conference at the White House that “their hands are stained with blood”. Thank you sir – you only said the truth.

The World Health Organization confirmed that it informed the relief agencies that were involved in the evacuation operations to leave the area, without providing any reasons. Killings are continuing with no one to help! The Kuwait Red Crescent Society is in the process of collecting donations, and individuals and groups are also doing so, but I do not know how it would be sent and to whom.

For the first time since his election, US President-Elect Donald Trump confirmed his view on the need to work on the establishment of safe zones in Syria, adding that Gulf states have to pay the cost. Sadly, he doesn’t see the humanitarian side of the conflict. He does not talk about the US’ humanitarian duty to stop the Russian or Iranian intervention in the region and ensure the safety of residents who were forced to move out of their countries. Trump’s only concern is that the Gulf should pay for the refugees’ eating and drinking costs.

I’m not optimistic at all. I think that the war in Syria will last longer than expected in light of the US approach and the world’s silence. Some Arab media tried to justify Arab impotence over Aleppo by blaming Turkey. This is not acceptable or fair, because it is not reasonable to expect Turkey alone to save Aleppo, after the US’ complicity and disappointing role. There is no doubt Turkey has played a great humanitarian role so far.

What happened in Aleppo is a crime against humanity, including forced displacement of the population by Russia, Iran and the Damascus regime, amidst international silence headed by the United Nations. The situation puts Turkey in the foreground and Gulf states must stand firmly with Turkey. Aleppo is not going to be the last scene of massacres and more evil is coming. Gulf states need to support Turkey by all means and at all cost.

By Muna Al-Fuzai