alsayerKUWAIT: Al Sayer Group Holding held Outstanding Customer Service Awards Ceremony as part of the long-term commitment towards best in the business customer care. Al Sayer Group Board of Directors Faisal Bader Al Sayer Vice Chairman and Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO, Paul Reynolds COO, Business Directors, Group Managers and supervisory grade employees attended the event. Speaking during the OCSAR Awards ceremony Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO said “The OCSAR – derived from the first letter of each word in the title OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD RECOGNITION. And it is a reflection of the importance that we attach to it that the people who achieve the best CSI. An increasing number of outlets securing 100% is remarkable and this time and in the future they will be recognized with a new award – the DIAMOND Award.” Apart from the Diamond Award other Top performing teams of the Group earned OCSAR Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for their contribution towards excellent customer care. The Management appreciated the teams for achieving better results and marking a positive growth with 53 locations above 95%, 41 above 97% and an amazing 11 locations with 100% in comparison with last year’s result where 42 were above 95% and 30 above 97%. The Chairman’s Award for “Most Trusted” was presented to 58 of the Group’s locations.

Trust Level Is the measure of the trust our customers, reflected by customer’s perception of the treatment they get and it stands for team efficiency and effectiveness to handle customer complaints. 13 outlets earned Diamond Award for securing 100 score, 29 outlets were awarded Gold and 8 outlets each received Silver and Bronze Awards. Minimizing and handling complaints is a relentless pursuit by everyone. The chairman’s award is about those facilities that managed to create the highest level of confidence from customers. The Vice Chairman’s Award for Best Facility is presented for The Best Environment across all Al Sayer Group Holding Company centers and buildings measured based on the adherence to standard guidelines and the role of employees in the implementation of the Al- Sayer Customer Charter. In this category 36 of the outlets won Gold Award. Al Sayer Group Facilities have been a major differentiating factor and the Group is committed to attaining highest standard in presentation of facility premises. Al Sayer Group mission Statement calls for us to be the “Best in the Business” across several dimensions.

This takes account of the view of the Company by our customers, or employees, our suppliers and the local community, as well of course the financial performance to give a long term, sustainable business model. The Group’s biggest achievement is to have successfully built a true culture for excellent customer service and the Group’s mission is to “Only sell the best products, with outstanding Aftersales service”. The Group’s customer care initiatives, facility expansion, employee training and development will benefit from the ongoing SAP software implementation project across the trading and non-trading units of the Group. SAP is the globally renowned enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations and the implementation at Al Sayer Group will facilitate enhanced efficiency, integrated information, enhanced reporting, better customer service, data security and strong platform for continued growth