The victorious Al-Jahra Sports Club basketball team with the trophy

KUWAIT: Al-Jahra Sports Club basketball team won the Basketball Federation after 20 years drought by beating Al-Qadisiya Sports Club 92-78 during the final match. Kuwait Sports Club ended in third place.
The match was very strong from the start, and then Al-Jahra started to control it gradually, ending the first quarter with the score of 35/24.

Al-Jahra continued its dominance through players Abdallah Al-Sarraf, Turky Humoud and Bader Al-Othman with three points shots, as the point difference reached 18, though the second quarter ended with the score of 55-47.
Al-Qadisiya Sports Club rebounded in the third quarter and ended it in a draw 64-64, meanwhile in the fourth quarter mistakes and foul had a heavy presence as two players from each team fouled out, until Jahra Club was able to take advantage of Qadisiya Club players recklessness and ended the match with the score of 92-78.
The President of KBA Dhari Barjas, Vice President Sheikh Ali Al-Khalifa, Secretary Haitham Baroun, and Jahra Sport Club President awarded the three teams.

By Abdellatif Sharaa