I am still in shock. Then again, that is exactly what you used to do. You shocked people.

Sometimes, you shocked them with your appearance. After all, you were a Collin-Farrell-lookalike who wore  a dishdasha and a ‘nasfa’ angled to precision, but who couldn’t say one full paragraph in Arabic.

Sometimes, you shocked them with your eccentric sense of humor which knew no boundaries. And sometimes, you shocked them with your ability to give.

You were a giver. You gave everything.

You gave up your sleep to help the street cleaners in the scorching mornings of Ramadan when most of us are practicing our fast in the comfort of our air-conditioned offices. You gave time to deliver several talks to budding entrepreneurs about your success story as a small business owner. You gave your efforts and money to found and run our vigilante environmentalist project, #MantaqaME. And let’s not forget that ‘other’ vigilante stunt we pulled in Fahaheel back in the day (which, incidentally, also took place during Ramadan.)

Your smile. Your crazy but thoughtful gifts. Your no-filter, inappropriate, preposterous but perceptive interjections in our WhatsApp group. Your authentic Kuwaiti ‘faz’aa’; your ability to drop everything to help me, just because I needed it. Your unshakable belief that change- the good kind- is coming to our country, and that you have to play a part to speed it up. Your sheer presence. Your memory.

You were and will remain a source of joy to all those who knew you, and anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure (and probably confusion!) of meeting you, will know that the Great Giver, Mr. Ahmed Al-Gharabally is not one to be forgotten.
Rest In Peace, Ahmadoo. Heaven just got its hands full. (Click here for more )

By Shamael Al-Sharikh