KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives are investigating an incident that reportedly happened inside a Filipina woman’s apartment, to verify her claims that she was raped and mugged. A security source said that a Filipina woman told them she was assaulted and mugged in her apartment, located in a famous complex. The source said police went to the apartment and told them she was in her bedroom while her boyfriend was in the living room when someone knocked hard on the door, saying that he was a detective. He then kicked the boyfriend out, locked the apartment from inside and pulled a knife. He then ordered her to open a safe and took KD 1,100, then raped her before escaping, the woman said. Investigations are ongoing.

Drug smuggling Supervisor General of Customs at Kuwait International Airport Suleiman Al-Fahad referred three citizens to the Drugs Control General Department (DGCA) after catching them with drugs upon their arrival. In the first case officers at Saad Al-Abdallah airport found 250 grams of Marijuana with a citizen who arrived from Nepal. The second suspect arrived from Delhi with a medium-sized piece of hashish, while the third one arrived from Amsterdam via Istanbul, and police found eight bags of marijuana with him. Smuggling drugs from abroad to Kuwait is punishable by death.

Personal belongings stolen Criminal evidence officers examined a Syrian man’s car and lifted fingerprints in an attempt to identify a thief who stole very important documents, including the passports of the car’s owner and his six sons. The incident was filed as a felony and it is being investigated. A citizen told Maidan Hawally police that an unknown person broke into her car and stole a mobile phone, KD 170 in cash and a router. She said the thief withdrew KD 2,000 using her ATM card. She did not press charges against anyone.

Wild parties Jahra patrol officers’ attention was drawn by a heated fight between a man and a woman in front of a jakhour (livestock farm) in the area as their voices were very loud. When policemen approached them, they were found to be in an abnormal condition. Police also heard very loud music coming from inside, then when they got closer, they could hear women’s voices. Neighbors told police that a group of men and women hold noisy parties and disturb them. Seven women and three men inside the jakhour were arrested following the necessary legal procedures. Eight liquor bottles were also confiscated.

Gamblers deported Two Asian nationals were sent for deportation after being caught gambling in public. The arrest was made in front of a Jleeb Al-Shuyiuko restaurant during the afternoon in temperatures ranging around 40 C degrees. KD 300 and gambling tools were confiscated.— Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai