Egyptian economist argues Kuwait’s Bedoons could benefit from new citizenship regulations

KUWAIT: An evening view of Sharq, Kuwait City. —Photo by Mohammad Al-Qallaf (KUNA)

KUWAIT: The Management and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) Secretary General Fauzi Al-Majdali and manager of the national project for retirees Salah Al-Abdul Qadir Abdul Jadir signed a memorandum of understanding to invest in Kuwaiti retirees and provide suitable job opportunities for them. Majdali stressed that MGRP is keen on utilizing retirees’ expertise in various private sector jobs. Abdul Jadir said the project’s main purpose is to make retirees contribute to national sustainable development plans.

Egyptian citizenship
Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm quoted economist Wael Al-Nahhas saying that amending the residency and citizenship laws in Egypt and allowing non-Egyptians to apply for Egyptian citizenship after depositing seven million pounds in a bank for five years would open doors for stateless people in various countries, namely Kuwait, where bedoons are rich, to get Egyptian citizenship.

18,000 students
Public Authority for Applied Education and Training’s (PAAET) dean of registration Rabah Al-Nejada said the final lists of students accepted for the next academic year will be announced by the end of this month, predicting the lists to include 18,000 students including citizens, children of Kuwaiti women, children of non-Kuwaiti military personnel, bedoons and non-Kuwaitis. Nejada explained that scholarships granted to non-Kuwaitis by the minister of education might reach 120, and those granted by the PAAET director would be 100.

Marine control building
The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) has already obtained approval from relevant authorities to offer for public bidding the marine control building on Salmiya Cape, after obtaining approval from the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT), acting deputy director Marzouq Al-Azmi said. The building will house all marine patrols that are currently harbored at the Yachts Club, a maintenance workshop, a fuel station and other services, Azmi added. Furthermore, Azmi said that monitory bodies are reviewing another tender to purchase nine speedboats to be used as marine patrol boats.
In addition, Azmi said PAAAFR also obtained the needed approvals for a fish farming project in Subbiya near Um Al-Maradem island, adding that the project is currently being reviewed by the Municipal Council. Azmi expected the project to annually produce 3,000 tons of shrimp compared to only 2,000 tons during the entire shrimping season.

By A Saleh