They would keep shifting from one side to another without justifying such shifts.

Most politicians are like actresses in Kuwaiti drama series who have undergone scores of plastic surgeries and yet strongly deny it when talking to the media though everybody, including the simple chickpea vendor in our cooperatives, knows this fact. “I have never undergone a single plastic surgery,” an actress would keep telling lies about what everybody already knows because Google still shows her photos four years earlier when her nose seemed three and a half times larger than it is now.
Most of these actresses would never appear on screen while washing their faces. The same applies for politicians who keep denying previous attitudes in TV interviews, forgetting all about YouTube that has archives of previous interviews.

Nonetheless, they would keep on such lies in attempts to trick us. Some of them used to be fierce opposition members and now became more pro-government than the government advisors are themselves. They would keep shifting from one side to another without justifying such shifts.

They would even deny their previous history and, as a follower, you have nothing to do but to knock your head against the wall. The same politicians have been making the same mistakes and yet they would deny committing any. They would even justify such mistakes. For example, a politician might be accused in a financial issue and would ask everybody not to talk about it whereas he would turn the whole world upside down if an opponent is accused of stealing a cigarette. Those are the exact double measures most politicians use. Some of them even have 34 measures per issue.-Translated by Kuwait Time from Al-Anbaa

By Thaar Al-Rasheedi