Abdullah Al-Turaiji

By B Izzak

KUWAIT: MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji yesterday submitted an amendment to the law governing domestic workers in the country that calls to deport workers who flee their sponsors and make them pay for the ticket back home. He said the amendment aims at protecting the rights of the employers against the workers who flee homes without referring to the reasons for leaving work.

Many domestic workers complain of ill-treatment and abuse by employers that sometimes reach the extent of beating and torture, forcing maids to escape to safer places. In some cases, workers flee to other employers for better pay and working conditions. Turaiji said in his amendment that people who provide shelter or work to the absconding maids should be fined KD 2 per day since the day of informing authorities.

Kuwaiti citizen Saleh Al-Rasheedi was yesterday released from the state security which held him for several days without stating any reason, MPs Saad Al-Khanfour and Mohammad Al-Rasheedi said on Twitter. MP Rasheedi said he will not let this incident pass without questioning those responsible.