KUWAIT: Equestrian Sports Club rider Abrar Al-Musallam won the 9th local fence jumping over 130 cm championship. The championship was organized by Masiela Equestrian Club with a large number of both genders riders from all local clubs participating. Laila Al-Hanbaly, Bavil Foronco, Nasser Al-Zahim Latifa Al-Hajiri and Abdel Wahab Al-Lugman followed her.

In the 120 cm high fence Fahad Al-Masoud was first, Musaed Al-Shuaibi, second, Bavil Foronco, Hamad Al-Otaibi, Hamad Al-Hajiri and Abdallah Al-Awadhi followed.

Rider Abdallah Al-Awadha won first place in the 110 cm category, Fawaz Al-Ghunaiman won the 100 cm category followed by Abdelaziz Al-Adsani, Mohammad Al-Rifae, Mohammad Al-Dabous, Muhsin Al-Haily and Abdallah Al-Ammar.

In the 90 cm beginners category a large number of male and female riders succeeded in Jumping fences without faults.

Director General of Messiela Club Bader Al-Mailam said “competition was very strong between several riders”. He said many young people express their wish to participate and the beginners category includes a large number of riders who will have a distinguished future soon.