Exhibition at ‘The Hub’ gallery

KUWAIT: Twelve years have passed since Kuwaiti women got the right to participate in the political battle in Kuwait; this date, the 16th of May, coincides with the launching of one of the most important creative exhibitions that show a collection of artistic work and photographs representing women in order to encourage them to obtain their full rights as well as a support and show solidarity with the abolition of Article 153 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code.

This article allows men to get away with killing their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives if they suspect them of sexual impropriety with a light punishment of a prison sentence for a period not exceeding three years or a fine of KD 15 or one of these penalties, and this is contrary to the principles of Islamic law.

Dr Al-Anoud Al-Sharikh, Sheikha Al-Nafisi, Lulu Al-Sabah, Amira Behbehani and Sundus Hussain are the organizers of this exhibition. They are the ones who initiated this idea to demand the cancellation of this article and its negative consequences on human rights in general and women’s rights in particular.

The exhibition will last for a week in the hall of ‘The Hub’ Gallery located on the Arabian Gulf Street – Sharq. It will include paintings, jewelry and sculptures created by a group of young Kuwaiti and Arab artists to promote this awareness campaign in all segments of Kuwaiti society in the hope of achieving justice and equality between men and women and the exclusion of violence in any way.