korloffTo present its French collections, Korloff Paris has upgraded its boutique concept and has brought innovations into the concept of the Korloff Prestige boutique at the 360 MALL in Kuwait City.

In-store launch of a new concept
The new façade of the Korloff Paris Boutique offers shimmering columns of astrakhan which highlight the flagship collection of the brand. The space of the store has been enlarged by combining two main areas: Jewelry collections presented in large elongated wall units in black and white lacquer, enhanced by outstanding bright red color bases. – Watch collections exhibited in dedicated counters. Round windows present the Voyageur line for clients to view.

A VIP area has been created for our prestigious guests, with special counters displaying the entire solitaires and special Korloff diamonds ranges. Designer chandeliers impart a warm, intimate atmosphere to the VIP room, where privacy can be ensured. Video screens both inside the boutique and outside in the main façade present the latest films created by the brand: a transparent LCD screen shows the inside of the outstanding Voyageur reversible watch, revealing a 5-carat solitaire when the film magically disappears.

Overall, our French designer has given priority to a luxury environment with pure lines: a smart mix of curves and straight lines, with light effects for the wall showcases. Unlike other stores, the floor is embellished with a two-tone grey carpet with the usual “K” pattern. Official opening in Kuwait City with the official launch of the new Jardin du Luxembourg watch collection. On November 24th 2015, a new Korloff Prestige Boutique will be inaugurated in Kuwait City. In the presence of Ali Behbehani, Chairman of the Behbehani Group, and Bassam Azakir, managing partner of Korloff France, we invite you to experience the new French ambiance of the new boutique concept and the Jardin du Luxembourg collection.