Two young Muslim Canadians of Syrian origin who were born and raised in Canada and never knew any other home country, who had received full healthcare, education and all citizenship rights for them and for their family, have suddenly disappeared from their school to appear on a video later on declaring that they have joined the terrorist Nosra Front for Jihad. They also tore their Canadian passports before the camera cursing both Canada and the ‘West nonbelievers.’ Furthermore, they threatened to tear the west apart and annex it to the Islamic State (IS) under the leadership of the Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

The story was so ironic and full of black comedy, insanity and total absence of mind. It was more like self-denial versus illusion and myth. However, the poor Canadian school’s principal was so shocked with the news and almost cried while telling the story to an Arab lady expressing astonishment at such ingratitude towards the country that hosted and treated them and their families kindly, giving them full citizenship rights.

The case of those two young men is not the first in a series of deadly absurdity and bloody madness. It will not be the last, either. It is repeatedly happening all over Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries; Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Those two young men were not born in a Muslim Arab country. So, where did such destructive ideas come to their minds, forcing them into darkness and dismay? The answer comes quickly from the shocked school principal, who said that it came from the mosque near the kids’ house, where their minds were filled with hate, turning them into ticking time bombs.

In that mosque, the boys were taught to hate this ‘worldly’ life and consider it only a passage towards Heaven. They were taught that this life was not worth living and that they are forgetting about the blessings in their afterlife in Paradise. They were taught that Paradise is a true Muslim’s better house compared to this vanishing world. They were taught to abandon the world and join Jihadists. Those are the fatal thoughts put in young people’s minds by Satan agents and slaves because their folks had not immunized them against such misleading ideas.-Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saleh Al-Shayeji