By Abdellatif Sharaa

Today marks the 60th anniversary of our beloved Kuwait Times. This is the place where I have spent many hours and days; a place that gave me the opportunity to learn how states are run; a place that gave me the opportunity to meet, speak with and pose questions to dignitaries from various parts of the world. Kuwait Times gave me the opportunity to participate in very important events, particularly those that had to do with science and human wellbeing.

Kuwait Times staff – starting from the office employees all the way to the founder Abu Tareq, May Allah bless his soul – were one family. Mind you, we see each other more than our own families, and fortunately, the tradition goes on!

Kuwait Times followed a path that meant truth and accuracy in its reporting; sensitive issues were and are dealt with accordingly, while maintaining the principle that the public in general and our dear readers in particular must know the truth.

I remember one day when Abu Tareq asked me to come to his office, and told me many things about his journey. One thing remained on my mind very vividly: “Kuwait Times is my dearest daughter, and it must be cared for as such!”

The foundation is solid and the pillars are firm, so regardless of what happens, the paper will remain standing, informing its readers with news and other topics, day in and day out. I trust all those at Kuwait Times today will keep the torch burning and preserve the legacy of its founder, the late Yousuf Saleh Al-Alyan.

Happy anniversary, Kuwait Times! Wishing you all the best, today, tomorrow and every day!