KUWAIT: This handout photo shows cartons containing liquor bottles busted at a Wafra farm.

KUWAIT: The Drugs Control General Department (DCGD) foiled an attempt to sell around 898 cartons of imported liquor in the local market after they raided a farm in Wafra and arrested two citizens. A third is being sought. Criminal detectives learned that some people succeeded in smuggling a truck loaded with liquor into the country and stored it in Wafra. DCGD men confirmed the information was true, so a warrant was obtained and the farm raided. The estimated value of the liquor is KD 750,000.

Municipality campaign
Kuwait Municipality’s public relations department said Riggae and occupational Ardhiya cleaning centers carried out a campaign to remove all abandoned vehicles, debris and roaming vendors from the area. The department said the campaign resulted in removing 20 vehicles and issuing 17 citations for public cleanliness violations. Director of Farwaniya public cleanliness department Saad Al-Khrainej said the campaigns will continue to raise the cleanliness level in the governorate.

‘Lion keeper’ arrested
Police arrested a man suspected of owning the lion that escaped in Kabd, before it was tranquilized and taken to the zoo, Al-Anbaa reported. Information was received that the citizen keeps several wild animals, and that he brings them young and raises them. The suspect denied that the runaway lion was his.

The criminal court sentenced a young man to three years in jail for swindling a girl out of KD 84,000 after claiming he was a Gulf “VIP”. He set up a bogus account on social media under the name of a VIP family, and made the girl believe he traded in profitable investments, and convinced her to transfer the money to his account. The victim lodged a complaint through a lawyer.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies