KUWAIT: With reconstruction works ongoing on the Seventh Ring Road, the speed limit has been reduced to only 60 km/h instead of the previous 120 km/h. Most drivers are not aware of this change, especially since the signs placed on the road are not conspicuous, and not even in the regular colors of red and white or blue and white. This has resulted in thousands of speed violations. The Interior Ministry announced registering 13,059 speed violations between May 24 and 30, 2019 on the Seventh Ring Road by traffic cameras.

Notably, the Interior Ministry’s relations and security information department had released a statement on Saturday in which it denied rumors circulating on social media about changing the speed limit on Seventh Ring Road from 120 km/h. It said this measure is limited to areas where repairs are being carried out, and the speed is gradually reduced from 120 to 80 to 60 km/h. The speed limit then goes up to 120 km/h after passing the maintenance area.

By Nawara Fattahova