630 non-Kuwaitis in leading teaching positions: Ministry

KUWAIT: There are 630 non-Kuwaitis in leading teaching positions in various educational areas, according to statistics issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) yesterday. The statistic also showed that MOE is committed to ‘Kuwaitizing’ those leading positions, with exceptions given to subjects where there is scarcity of Kuwaiti nominees, such as science and French language in the intermediate stage. MOE also explained that 90 percent of leading positions are now occupied by Kuwaitis.
Furthermore, the statistics showed that 1,810 Kuwaitis are on waiting lists to assume leading positions as heads of departments, school directors, assistant directors and supervisors. Sixty six percent of those are females (1,202) and only 34 percent are males (609), the statistics show.

Meanwhile, educational sources said that a number of private schools had been directly contacting Kuwait Municipality concerning some constructions, demolitions or expansions without referring to MOE’s educational facilities sector, which is the only official body entitled to do so. “All private schools have to submit any such applications to MOE’s educational facilities sector first,” the sources stressed, noting that penal measures had been taken against some public schools that did the same.

Traffic movement
In other news, a senior finance ministry official demanded rearranging traffic movement at the southern area of the ministries’ complex in Merqab, downtown Kuwait City. In a letter addressed to Kuwait Municipality, assistant undersecretary for public services and the acting assistant undersecretary for administrative affairs Adel Al-Menae said that the ministry wishes to continue adapting all possible permanent and temporary solutions to help solve the problem of traffic congestions at the ministries complex and the surrounding areas.

Separately, the cabinet recently authorized the Public Authority for Housing Welfare to allocate the Merqab 47 land plot in downtown Kuwait City to be used for residential purposes within the state’s plan to develop the capital’s structural plan to turn it into an international financial hub. In this regard, informed sources said that the housing authority is currently working on the site’s plans and designs to avoid adopting traditional ones similar to those in other residential cities.

By A Saleh