KUWAIT: Statistics issued by the Residency Affairs General Directorate showed that the number of people from suspended nationalities, ie Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh is 618,365 and have valid residency permits.

There are 152,759 Syrians, 278,865 Bangladeshis, 107,084 Pakistanis, 38,034 Iranians, 14,999 Iraqis, 12,972 Yemenis and 13,652 Afghanistanis in Kuwait, Al-Anbaa daily reported yesterday.

Statistics showed the number of workers from those nationalities in the public sector is 19,920 while 331,144 are in the private sector. The number of domestic helpers from these nationalities is 95,215 and those on family residence are 153,903.

By A Saleh