KUWAIT: The Traffic General Department began yesterday to strictly implement article 169 of the traffic law which bans parking or waiting in areas designated for pedestrians or pavements, as well as article 207 which gives police the authority to impound vehicles found in places were parking is not allowed for a maximum of two months, plus a KD 15 fine. A total of 60 citations for similar violations have been issued so far.

No injuries
Farwaniya fire center responded to a fire in a car between Ishbiliya and Rihab areas on Saturday. The fire was put out without injuries. The cause of the fire was faulty wiring.

Director of General Cleanliness and Road Occupancy at Capital Municipality Mishal Al-Azmi said several field rounds were made to uphold law 87/9 which bans throwing trash, tissue paper, etc on the streets, adding that the fine in such cases may reach KD 200. The campaign resulted in issuing 680 citations including 6 roaming vendors. Separately, Jahra Municipality carried out a campaign that resulted in removing 19 unlicensed mobile grocery stores and restaurants on the roads of the governorate.

Fatal accident
A girl was killed while another was injured when a driver hit them in Salmiya while they were on a picnic. Police and an air ambulance were sent to the area, where the injured girl was rushed to Jahra hospital in critical condition, while the deceased’s body was recovered by the coroner. The driver was arrested and sent to police station.


A citizen is under investigation for submitting a forged sick leave. Detectives are trying to find the real suspect who sells forged sick leaves to government employees. Police received a call from Adan Hospital and found out that a sick leave received from a citizen who needed a stamp had the signature of a doctor who did not sign it. The doctor lodged a complaint accusing an unknown person of impersonating him and signing his name on sick leaves.

Drug possession
Two female citizens were arrested on Arabian Gulf Road and sent to Drugs Control General Department for possession of drugs and illicit tablets. A ticket was issued to one of them for driving while intoxicated.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies