KUWAIT: The finance ministry’s assistant undersecretary for expropriation affairs Fahd Al-Sho’lah announced that five flats in Sawaber residential complex would be expropriated because their owners had not applied for authentic ownership deeds, unless they do so by the end of March. Sho’lah added that the concerned owners have not so far checked with departments responsible for issuing the deeds at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare. He added that upon Cabinet instructions, the complex is to be entirely evacuated by March 31.

Auditor’s assault
The Kuwait Society for Auditors strongly condemned assaulting the manager and auditors at the auditors’ office at the ports authority while on duty. Society Chairman Sager Al-Haiss stressed that the assault violated all social and professional norms and that the society was willing to defend the assaulted auditors by all legal and professional means.

501 e-crimes
A recent report by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) showed that 501 e-crimes and cases were filed since the beginning of this year, including those committed using social media networks, such as slander, misuse of mobile phones, threats, blackmail and instigating vice. MoI stressed that e-crime detectives are working hard to prevent such crimes in view of the constant increase of social media networks. The ministry added that statistics showed that 143 slander cases, 131 misuse of mobile phones, 75 threats and blackmail and 40 vice instigating cases were filed. Statistics also showed that 32 cases of forging bank drafts, 29 defamation and 18 impersonation cases were filed. In addition, statistics showed that 269 crimes were committed using Twitter, 109 crimes were committed using Instagram, 78 crimes were committed using WhatsApp, 20 crimes were committed using Snapchat and 25 crimes were committed using Facebook.

By A Saleh