KUWAIT: Police officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested 47 people wanted for various cases, said security sources, noting that the suspects were arrested during a security inspection campaign in the airport’s parking spaces and surrounding areas. The sources added that detectives examined 230 persons’ IDs and found that 47 of them were wanted for forgery, theft, slander, assault and hit-and-runs.

Passenger interrogated
A citizen was arrested at Kuwait airport for suspiciously cancelling his trip only half an hour prior to his flight’s departure to a GCC state, said security sources. The man had booked his flight two days earlier and after going past the passport counter, he asked to cancel his trip and return to Kuwait. The suspect was interrogated by airport detectives and held until the flight safely reached its destination.

Teens fight at airport
Four juvenile citizens were arrested at Kuwait airport after engaging in a fight. Security sources said the fight started when one of the boys made fun of another’s haircut.

Fireman fired
A fireman who was recently fired was arrested for charging at his superiors at the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate’s (KFSD) building in Salhiya, shouting and demanding to know why he was sacked. Security sources said the man turned out to be wanted for a KD 9,000 financial claim and that he had been fired because he had not been showing up to work regularly.