KUWAIT: Chairman of Kuwait Diabetes Society Dr Waleed Al-Dhahi warned diabetes is widespread in Kuwait and the world, adding that the prevalence rate reaches 24 percent, with nearly 420,000 in Kuwait suffering from diabetes. He said 40 new cases of type 1 diabetes are registered for every 100,000 children and 4.6 cases of type 2 annually. Dhahi said diabetes is considered difficult to control, as the rate of control around the world is no more than 40 to 70 percent. It is a disease that has medications, but the most important medication for diabetes is lifestyle discipline.

Dhahi said diabetics always need to monitor their blood sugar levels, especially those who use insulin, to adjust their dosage. He added many people keep using the same dose of insulin for a long time, warning this may lead to uncontrolled sugar levels. Dhahi said there are several means to check blood sugar levels at home, and most of them depend on finger pricking, but there are new devices called diabetes sensors, which are systems placed on parts of the body which test sugar levels over a long period. These provide a chance for the patient to know the levels at various times of the day, and can help against hypoglycemia. Dhahi said the society has many activities, including educating people and holding lectures for doctors to enhance their skills and inform them on the latest developments.

By A Saleh