365 expat teachers to lose their jobs at school year’s end

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Education’s (MOE) public education sector yesterday made lists include the names of 365 expat teachers to be terminated by the end of this school year (2018-2019) upon CSC’s request to replace them with Kuwaiti teachers. Educational sources said the list was submitted to the minister for approval, adding that the terminated teachers include those for Islamic studies, social studies, electricity, psychology, biology, history and computers. The sources also expected that once approved, the list will be passed on to relevant educational areas to notify the concerned teachers.

In another educational concern, Education Minister Hamed Al-Azmi ordered an immediate investigation in an assault committed by a primary schoolboy on one of his classmates. A statement issued by MoE stressed that the ministry will never tolerate violation of its regulations and that it managed to identify those involved in the assault and those who videotaped it, noting that very strict penal measures would be taken after Jahra educational area’s legal affairs department finishes investigating the matter.

Health insurance
The State Audit Bureau agreed to extend the contract of the company providing health insurance registration and health insurance cards for a further six months (January 29-July 27, 2019) without any cost to the Ministry of Health (MoH). In another health issue, Dr Salem Ali Al-Kandari announced the 5th Kuwait Conference for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation will be held in the period of March 15 to 17, 2019 at Salwa Sabah Al-Ahmed Hall under the motto ‘Together for Better Rehabilitation’. Kandari added that Kuwaiti, regional and international specialized doctors will take part in the conference, which is scheduled to include nine seminars, 26 lectures and four workshops discussing the latest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Mother’s custody
In a most humane incident, two Kuwaiti brothers recently resorted to a court when they failed to agree on who deserves more to take custody of their 89-year-old mother and take care of her at his house. Speaking to the judge, the younger brother demanded taking care of his mother, while the elder brother insisted that being the eldest makes him more responsible for doing so, which brought tears to the eyes of all those present in the courthouse.

By A Saleh