KUWAIT: The defense ministry has sent 3,100 Kuwaitis to courts for evading compulsory military service, Al-Qabas daily reported yesterday. Informed sources said 1,000 of those are youth who did not report from January until July 2019, while 2,100 did not report last year. Sources said sentences were issued against 600 citizens varying between one week in jail and KD 100 to KD 500 in fines.

Nurse beaten
A nurse at Jahra hospital accused two Kuwaitis of beating her and gave police their information. Both are being summoned for questioning, Al-Rai reported. The 27-year-old nurse submitted a medical report stating injuries on her left shoulder. She said that an argument took place between her and two female relatives of a patient, who attacked her.

Family problems
A 21-year-old Kuwaiti complained against his father for beating him, and gave police a medical report stating his injuries, reported Al-Rai. Police will summon the father for questioning. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti man lodged a complaint against his son for beating him. The son also verbally insulted his father before escaping, according to the police report. The father gave police a medical report. Detectives are looking for the son for questioning and he may face legal action.

Indecent language
A Kuwaiti man complained against his ex-wife, accusing her of insulting him through an SMS that contained indecent language, and gave them a copy of the messages. The woman is being summoned for questioning.

A Kuwaiti man was sent to Ahmadi police station as a complaint was lodged against him after a car he was driving collided with the gate of an oil facility. Initial investigations revealed that the collision was an accident.

A thief climbed over the fence of a Kuwaiti’s house, stole valuables and escaped, reported Al-Rai. The citizen was out of his house along with his family, and when he returned, discovered some belongings were missing, although there was no sign of a break in. He went to the police station and lodged a complaint. Detectives are working on the case.

Air gun found
A security guard handed police an air gun he found it in the toilet of a popular Fahaheel mall. A police source said the security guard, while inspecting the parking lot, noticed the weapon in the toilet across from the parking. He called police, who arrived at the scene and took the weapon.

Debtor’s watch confiscated
A judge at an implementation department ordered the confiscation of a debtor’s watch to sell in a public auction to give the creditor company its value, Al-Anbaa daily reported yesterday. An informed source said a man told the judge that he is in debt of KD 200,000, had paid KD 100,000, and wanted to settle the remaining KD 100,000 over five years. The source said the judge noticed the debtor was wearing an expensive watch, so he asked him about the watch’s value. He told him it is worth KD 80,000, so the judge asked policemen to take the watch from him to be sold in an auction.

Forensic men went to the premises of a sports committee in Nuwaiseeb following theft of gliders and wireless pieces, Al-Anbaa reported. A Kuwaiti authorized by the sports committee told them the eight gliders were in a 14-m-long container, which was locked. Fire walkie-talkies were also missing, along with three wings and two plane seats.