KUWAIT: An Egyptian accused a nursery in Maidan Hawally of “killing his daughter unintentionally while there. Reemas is a 3 months old girl who was left at the nursery while her parents went to work, then when they returned, they were surprised by the girl’s death. The father accused the nursery of negligence. The cause of the child’s death and further details have not been made public. Detectives are working on the case.

Furniture theft reported
The name of a Gulf lady was placed on the wanted list as her husband accused her of stealing furniture from their home. The citizen told Waha police that he was on a trip, then when he returned home he found the door broken and found the furniture and appliances stolen and accused his wife of doing it.

Chalet robbed
Criminal evidence technicians went to a chalet in Qashaniya area to lift traces a thief may have left behind. They went there after a citizen complained that an unknown person broke into his chalet and stole a shotgun along with 375 cartridges. A neighbor was able to note down the car plate number the thief was driving. Police are working on the case.

Hash found in Abdaly
Abdaly customs officers found 500 grams of hashish in the inspection area. They say it is most probably that a driver got rid of it there. Officers sent the illicit material to drugs control general department and investigations are underway.