KUWAIT: A citizen wandering around the house of Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah and shouting “Interior Minister, I want to meet you” was found to be a psychiatric patient and was sent to the psychiatric hospital, where he already has a file. He retired from the defense ministry in 1999 and was angry that his license was revoked. A security source said the citizen was walking in front of the interior minister’s house Qurtuba screaming hysterically that he wanted to meet him. Policemen went to the site and arrested him, and they found that he was angry that his license was revoked, and wanted to complain to the interior minister.

Phone shop worker beaten
A mobile phone technician was beaten badly by a citizen who was angry that his pictures were deleted from the phone. The technician lodged a complaint at Jahra police station. He said the citizen asked him to repair the phone, but after he finished, the pictures stored were gone, so the citizen became angry and beat him and refused to pay for the repairs. The technician, an Indian, gave police the suspect’s car license plate number. They are working on the case.

Thief caught
A citizen put an end to the adventures of a thief who repeatedly broke into his car. After installing a hidden camera at the entrance of his house, he noted the thief’s car license plate number during his third theft. The citizen told Abu Halifa police about the thefts and the camera. Policemen were able to arrest the thief who lives in the same area, and is an ex-convict.

A Syrian man was stabbed in the shoulder during a fight with another Syrian at a car lube shop in Fahaheel. He lodged a complaint against his colleague. The Syrian, 27, brought a medical report from Adan Hospital and told police that he was beaten and stabbed with a screwdriver. Detectives were asked to arrest the suspect. Separately, two brothers who differed over money exchanged blows when things escalated. The fight stopped when their father intervened, and both went to Fahaheel police station to lodge complaints.

Second wife assaulted
A citizen who was jealous of her husband’s second wife stormed into her flat in Rehab and beat her badly, screaming “you destroyed my house”, which caused bleeding from her nose. The victim lodged a complaint and submitted a medical report stating her injuries.

Reckless driving
A citizen was showing off while driving recklessly, and was arrested by Ahmadi police after failing to escape. His car was impounded and he was found wanted on a theft case. The suspect engaged in reckless behavior just before iftar, and police received complaints about the suspect endangering the lives of others, and they responded accordingly. – Al-Rai