By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) processed over 25,000 transactions in a week through the newly-launched online service As’hal. The new system is part of a work plan to gradually launch electronic services that were previously announced. PAM launched the online service on Jan 12 and called upon employers to only submit their applications through the As’hal website, advising them to send their inquiries through the website as well.

PAM said in a statement yesterday its IT department is working round-the-clock to ensure the completion of this huge effort that it considered a quantum leap for PAM’s electronic services, in cooperation with the labor affairs department and other departments.

Regarding the competency of PAM’s employees, the statement mentioned that usernames were sent via SMS to over 1,198 users due to the pandemic, after all employees received training. These employees also received links to training videos. Furthermore, a team of 31 employees from various fields are available daily in all departments, who provide immediate technical support and submit daily reports.

Since the launch of As’hal, 24,639 companies have benefited from this service. In total, 25,262 transactions were completed in the past week that included registration of vehicles, printing a signature authorization certificate, printing a clearance statement certificate, printing a list of registered employees, accreditation of academic qualification, renewal of work permit, cancellation of work permit (final) for travel, renewal of notice of national workers (automatic), canceling the notice of national labor registration, cancellation of work permit due to the death of the worker, cancellation of a work permit over expiry of residency while outside the country, notice of registration of national labor and adding the phone number of the authorized signatory.