Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

Nothing thrills me like the suggestions of our honorable gentlemen in the parliament. I wish one day I wake up and see a suggestion in favor of Kuwait or the people living in Kuwait. It looks like all their suggestions are for private interests.

The latest of these brilliant ideas was a proposal made by five parliamentarians demanding full and complete segregation at all the universities, training institutes, authorities, etc. They want segregation not only in the classrooms, but also demand that the government build entirely separate campuses so that the university or school has full separate services including separate paths, separate courtyards, separate laboratories, separate libraries, separate teachers, separate registrars, separate everything.

I have a suggestion – why don’t they ask to divide the country too? Why not just create a women’s country and a men’s country? We suggest that the prime minister also assign us a female shadow prime minister. In support of this idea, I also suggest that they close all social media outlets in Kuwait because men and women talk to each other there freely, share photos, share stories, etc. And since separating the Internet is impossible, we should just stop it completely.

Should we turn Kuwait into a Taleban-country? Are we a Taleban parliament? Instead of trying to segregate our children, why don’t we teach them to respect each other? If kids mix from kindergarten or even earlier, they don’t grow up having complexes or feeling awkward around the opposite sex. Instead of teaching our children self-control, we deny them normal interactions and then expect them to act normal.

May I remind the honorable gentlemen that we are not living in the 13th century. We are living in an era where the whole world is a village and no one travels more than Kuwaitis – we’re lucky in this. So is there segregation wherever we fly and wherever we visit? Is there segregation in London or Paris or New York or Dubai or even in Makkah where we go for pilgrimage and umrah?

Children grow up to work and boys and girls need to be able to work together professionally without feeling insecure or scared. These ideas are taking Kuwait backwards when other conservative countries are demanding to open up. Already, we are facing too many struggles. So wake up please and think of the future of Kuwait and developing the country to achieve its greatness.

By Badrya Darwish