Filipino workers take the exam
Filipino workers take the exam

KUWAIT: For the first time in Kuwait, the Philippines Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) conducted the Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) here to give a boost to thousands of Filipinos who are currently working in Kuwait but are short of required qualifications to be called ‘professionals’, and do not get salaries corresponding with their skills.

“We are happy to conduct the PRC board exams here in Kuwait for the Filipinos. We are officially holding the exams for about 221 examinees from eleven disciplines,” said Lily Ann Baldago, PRC Director (Iloilo Regional Office). The exams were conducted at the Philippine International English School in Fahaheel from Sept 24-26 through efforts by the Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) with the support of the Philippine Embassy’s Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

The exams
Examinees included nurses (94), dentists (1), electrical engineers (15) master electricians (8), architects (29), mechanical engineers (17), chemical engineers (33) and teachers (24). There are thousands of Filipino professionals in Kuwait who are not recognized or are not paid well either because they did not pass the board exams or left Manila without taking them. Many of them, according to Philippine Labor Office, are working as housemaids or at places unrelated to their professions.
“I would like to remind those professionals who have not taken the exams yet to make use of this huge opportunity given to us by the Philippine government – make the decision and bear in mind that these special exams would not have been possible if we hadn’t spent millions of pesos from our coffers to bring them right to your doorsteps. Use this opportunity for your benefit and professional development and growth. Prepare for the next examination, especially young and old professionals who missed this year’s special board exams here. This will help you greatly to better improve the quality of life in the future,” said Baldago.

Annual tests
The exams will be conducted annually (or as per request), but will depend on the number of examinees. “The applicants were over 300; but some of them are on leave, so they missed the three-day exams. But we hope that next time, people who haven’t taken the exams will apply and seize the opportunity for their own good. We dreamed about these exams, we worked hard to make them possible and thank God, we finally achieved it. We hope this will be an annual event, or as needed,” said Brian Bachinilla, PPO President.

By Ben Garcia