School building, premises now clear of high level gas residues

Kuwait: Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) said yesterday a gas leak from an air-conditioning set at an Al-Ahmadi girl school led to the suffocation of 22 students. After evacuating the premises, they were treated by emergency medical services’ personnel. KFSD stated in a press release that the department had received an emergency call about the accident. Precautionary evacuation of the school building was done after the arrival of the KFSD personnel. Mubarak Al-Kabeer fire department’s team did a final toxic gas scan. It was later determined that the school building and premises were clear of high level gas residues.

Fahaheel fire
Firemen fought a fire in a Fahaheel building. The fire was in an annex of two rooms and a kitchen. The house was evacuated and the fire was extinguished without injuries.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun