KUWAIT: Residency detectives carried out a raid against domestic help offices in search of residency law violators, resulting in arresting 21 violators of various nationalities. The department received tips about a bogus office that made deals with citizens and residents to provide them with help in exchange of money and gave receipts, claiming it was an official office. The arrestees all confessed that they do not work for their sponsors.

Farwaniya municipality emergency team continued its field campaigns in Jleeb and Farwaniya, resulting in issuing 22 citations for using open areas. Meanwhile, head of general cleanliness and road occupancy department Saad Al-Khrainej said a field campaign resulted in issuing tickets to 12 roaming vendors, while three frozen goods vehicles, 76 cubic meters of scrap, used clothes and vegetables were removed.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun