2,087 domestic helper-related complaints in Aug

KUWAIT: Recent manpower authority statistics showed that around 3,793 domestic helper-related complaints had been filed in the period of April-August 2019, including 2,087 filed in August alone. Statistics also showed that the total number of domestic helper offices increased by 10, now totaling 451.

Kuwaiti fish brokers
Official sources said Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan’s decision to restrict fish auction brokers to citizens will take effect soon, and the same will be implemented at vegetable and fruit markets to put an end to malpractices by some expats. The sources added that a meeting will be held by the manpower authority soon to regulate work permits for these positions and arrangements will be made with MoI, MoCI, MSAL and PAAAFR.

Expat laborers
Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies Deputy Chairman Khaled Al-Hudhaiban yesterday refuted allegations made by MP Safa Al-Hashem that the union had been hiring expat laborers from outside Kuwait, pointing out that UCCS had not recruited any labor from outside Kuwait in three years. “The lawmakers must be misinformed or provided with inaccurate information,” he said, noting that the union is not responsible for individual co-op recruitments.

By A Saleh