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RIYADH: Fizzing with boyish exuberance, Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq could be mistaken for a college freshman, but the popularity of his "honesty" app has shone a spotlight on the conservative kingdom's nascent tech scene. Tawfiq catapulted to fame when...
Human encroachment, climate change decimate woodland habitat TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua: Thirteen tapirs lounge in the bushes of Ticuantepe Zoo, in eastern Nicaragua, their bellies plump with leaves and fruit-blissfully unaware of the peril faced by their kind. The largest land mammals...
Love conquers all, even when wrinkles become part of the equation. That's the message from Helen Mirren and from Venice, appropriately the world's oldest film festival. An art form that for decades was constructed around the dynamics of youthful...

5th Sep

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