1m expats have driving licenses but no vehicles

KUWAIT: Recent statistics issued by the interior ministry concerning the total number of expat driving licenses and vehicles compared to those of citizens showed 616,000 vehicles are registered under expats’ names, while those registered to citizens number 1.39 million, which does not reflect their proportion of Kuwait’s population – 3.31 million expats out of a total of 4.715 million.

Further, statistics showed 1.664 million expats hold driving licenses, compared to 616,000 vehicles registered to expats, which means that over a million expats with driving licenses do not own their own vehicles. Moreover, the statistics showed that 624,000 citizens hold driving licenses, which means that over 63 percent of licenses are held by expats. This shows Kuwaitis’ responsibility for traffic jams exceeds 40 percent of that of expats, despite citizens being outnumbered 3 to 1 by expats.

By A Saleh