MoI clarifies on wrong social media reports


KUWAIT: A massive security campaign led by interior ministry undersecretary was launched in Mehboula area that resulted in the arrests of 160 violators and many persons. The campaign started at 3 pm. Three wanted criminals, 28 absconders, 12 residency law violators, three drug-pushers, 37 persons with expired residences, 68 without documents were arrested. Six vehicles were impounded and 94 traffic citations were issued in the campaign.

Sheep market raided
Security authorities carried out a campaign at Al-Dhaher sheep market that resulted in the arrests of 35 marginal labor, 20 reported absconders, 31 without proper identification and 14 residency law violators.

MoI clarifies
Relations and Security Information at the Interior Ministry yesterday denied news reports on some social media that a citizen was beaten up by a policeman inside Al-Salam police station. It also denied that it refused to document it.
The department said in a statement that a citizen was at the police station following an accident. But the citizen tried to interfere when a dispute arose between a citizen and a policeman though the former had nothing to do with the case. Both were sent for questioning, adding that the interior ministry will take all legal measures including verification of tapes to find out what happened.
Asian killed
An Asian was killed on Airport Road following a collision. Sabhan fire center responded to the accident. A female citizen suffered fractures in the accident who was extricated from the wreckage and handed over to paramedics.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun