KUWAIT: Residency detectives busted 15 closed and inactive companies that had 141 workers under their sponsorship, who are in violation of residency laws. This took place during a recent crackdown in Ahmadi governorate, and concerned authorities were contacted to take necessary legal action.

Oil production distributed
Criminal detectives arrested two persons, Kuwaiti and Saudi, for committing a crime against the state, Al-Rai reported yesterday. The suspects disrupted oil production from a well after they stole electric cables and cut the fence at the site of an oil company. The two cut the cables connected to the wells to sell them in Amghara. Criminal detectives’ investigations led them to the suspects. Both confessed to committing the crime, adding that they stole 27 cables and sold them to Iranians at the Amghara scarp yard. The losses are estimated at KD 46,000, apart from the losses resulting after production was stopped for three days.

Beggar caught
Policemen noticed a girl begging in Mubarakiya, so they arrested her and found she is 17 years old and on a visit visa. They also found KD 63 on her, besides other Gulf currencies. The girl was sent to criminal detectives to be deported, while the person who brought her to Kuwait will be questioned and may face charges.

Physical assault
A dispute between a couple on WhatsApp escalated into a case of physical assault. The online dispute escalated to a point that made the wife insult her husband, who became angry and went home and beat her. The woman went to the police station and complained. The husband showed policemen the messages he received from his wife.

Suicide attempt
A man heard a strange voice from his maid’s room, so he went to check and found she was choking after hanging herself from the cupboard. He lowered her and called police, who brought paramedics with them, and they took her to hospital. The maid said she wanted to commit suicide over personal problems. The Indonesian maid was charged with attempted suicide.

‘Addict’ in custody
A security source said a car passed by a police patrol at a traffic light in Sulaibiya, so a chase ensued. The driver stopped near a house and ran inside. A man emerged from the house and said he is the brother of the car’s owner. Police broke the car’s windows and removed three envelopes containing a white substance suspected of being heroin, Al-Anbaa reported, quoting the source. The source said the person who escaped came out of the house moments later, and was in an abnormal condition. He was arrested and taken to the Drugs Control General Department. The car was impounded.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies