AhmadWhen the country is stripped of its people’s loyalty and priorities for its love differ…when the name of the country is lost, all types of loyalties emerge…then the only diagnosis for this is for the country to commit suicide.

When MP so and so, and MP so and so among the nine MPs boycotted the National Assembly session in protest of as an expression of their stand towards the Abdaly cell verdict, they did not write on the announcement of their candidature that they are the candidates of this or that group, or that their role and responsibility towards the country that harbors them depends on matters bigger than them.

The statements of their candidatures were speaking about Kuwait and its love only, but as soon as confusion shrouded the boycott of those MPs of the session, it made us wonder whether the nation’s MPs represent Kuwait with its interests in the first place, and that nothing is above the homeland, and no interest is above its interest.

The world was shocked as we were towards what happened – how can an MP boycott a session in protest of verdicts issued against persons convicted of collecting and storing weapons in several areas, which constitutes a danger against Kuwait and its people, especially what was announced about communications and loyalties to foreign countries. To whom was the priority of belonging in their hearts compared to Kuwait, to which they belong according to their nationalities and IDs, which has all credit in providing them with all means of dignified life. Then they conspired to threaten the security of our homeland and its people. I personally challenge any one of those nine MPs to persuade me that there is a patriotic justification for his action and in the interest of Kuwait.

Sunnis and Shiites elected so and so among those because they trusted their loyalty and their love of the country (and this is a duty, and supposed to be today and every day), because their candidature slogans was playing on the patriotism card just like all candidates at the time.

When we rejected the Iraqi invasion, we did so as Kuwaitis and not as Sunnis and Shiites, and if it was Iran that occupied Kuwait at the time instead of Iraq, we would, both Sunnis and Shiites, also stand against it with the same strength and spirit. So what happened to make loyalties flip and for some MPs to personify their inclinations with such a stand?

If any rulings issued against any person who belongs to a group in Kuwait make MPs who belong to the same group hold a sectarian protest, then sessions will be void of MPs, and the work of MPs would change from legislation for the sake of the homeland to struggles. My wish for 2016 is to celebrate the return of the homeland to our hearts after it has been out for a long time and for many painful reasons. I fear is what happened is a reflection of this desertion. The danger of our illness in Kuwait is that the illness began in a very important part in Kuwait’s body, that is its heart (the National Assembly), so there is no way it can be removed to save this body, unlike if it was a finger, hand or foot. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Iqbal Al-Ahmad