crimesKUWAIT: Customs General Department officers confiscated nearly 1,350 bottles of liquor that were smuggled in a refrigerated apple container coming from the United Arab Emirates. The container had arrived at the Shuwaikh Port yesterday. An investigation was opened to identify and arrest the shipment’s importers.

Marijuana busted
Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport foiled an Asian man’s attempt to smuggle nearly three kilograms of marijuana. A female inspector had suspicions about a passenger who arrived from his country, so his luggage was searched and the drugs were found in frozen meat, a light bulb and dates. The man was sent to Drugs Control General Department (DCGD) for further action.

Officer’s death due to overdose
Following up on a case concerning the death of a police officer inside his car, the public prosecution decided that his death was due to drug use after receiving the coroner’s report. Bayan police recently received a call about a person in police uniform in his car in Mishref co-op society’s parking lot, and found that the dead man, who is of Gulf nationality, had material thought to contain drugs with him. The coroner recovered the body.

Suicide attempt
A Kuwaiti woman was taken to Mubarak Hospital for treatment of fractures she sustained after falling from the second floor of a cafÈ in Salmiya. The woman will be questioned in an attempted suicide case filed against her following investigations.

A police patrol arrested a citizen in his thirties and took him to Riggae police station for encouraging vice acts. A citizen told police that his wife called him and said someone was following her and was trying to give her his number. Police was waiting for him at her house and arrested him.

Traffic violations
Patrols of security monitoring cameras issued 90 traffic violations for expired insurance and impounded five wanted cars. Four abandoned cars were removed.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun