KUWAIT: An official working at Sulaibikhat cemetery called Qairawan police station on Friday morning reporting that the body of a 21-year-old woman was missing from the washing area at the cemetery and that a mobile phone was found at the place. The official said that the dead woman’s uncle arrived at the cemetery and called his sister to find that it was her mobile phone that was found in the place. Two hours later, the mother arrived in a terrible state, bringing the body back. The shocked mother justified what she did by saying she wished to spend as much time as possible with her daughter before burying her.

Drug dealer caught A bedoon man was arrested in Sulaibiya with drugs packed in small plastic bags ready for sale, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a routine checkpoint force noticed the suspect seemed nervous, and on searching him, the drugs were found. The suspect confessed to procuring it from an Asian pusher in Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Policeman charged A police sergeant was arrested for robbing and assaulting a female colleague in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the policewoman reported that a young man had obstructed, assaulted and robbed her purse with some documents, a mobile phone, some personal photos and some money in it. She denied knowing the suspect but provided the police with a description of him and of his vehicle. She also recognized him in a lineup, denying his claims that they had been engaged to get married.

Fatal crash A citizen was instantly killed when he lost control over his vehicle and it flipped over near Abdali farms, said security sources. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances behind the accident.

Inspection Weapons detectives launched an inspection campaign in Omariya, where checkpoints were set up at all entries and exits, searching all vehicles.

Fireworks Two children were injured while lighting fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Khairan, said security sources, noting that the kids were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Children ‘kidnapped’ A female citizen accused her Saudi ex-husband of kidnapping her two children and fleeing the country, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the father came to see the children as per a court order but he never returned them. Checking on the father, detectives found out that he had already left with the kids. A case was filed.

Harasser punished Three citizens taught a harasser a lesson in a Salmiya mall and handed him to Salmiya police station. After a woman screamed because of continued harassment by the suspect, three citizens passing by told him to get away from her, but he insulted them and asked them not to interfere, which caused a fight. Mall patrons called police, who rushed to the scene and broke up the fight. The woman told police what happened, so they took the harasser to the police station, where he was charged. — Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa