KUWAIT: Recent marriage statistics showed that 2017 witnessed 1,251 incidences of polygamous marriages, mainly by Kuwaiti men, 764 of whom already had one to three wives.

Statistics issued by the Central Statistical Bureau said 1,156 men – 689 citizens and 467 expats – got married to second wives in 2017, while 80 married third wives, including 62 citizens and 18 expats.

Statistics also showed that 15 men – 13 citizens and two expats – got married to fourth wives. Moreover, statistics showed that 465 Kuwaiti and 691 non-Kuwaiti women got married in 2017, of whom 35 Kuwaiti and 45 non-Kuwaiti women became their husbands’ third wives, while nine Kuwaiti and six non-Kuwaiti women got married as fourth wives. – Al-Qabas