realLet’s face it, figuring out the right shade of foundation is the least of our problems, with all the new products and techniques available in the market, from loose powders to BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and the list goes on, it makes the purchasing decision even harder and more complex. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a girl who is using a foundation or concealer that’s so off her shade that you think there’s something wrong with her for thinking it’s acceptable.

The first and most important thing to do is to figure out what type of skin you have, weather is was oily, dry, normal or combination skin. This is essential because you don’t want to damage your skin or use a foundation that would cause you to break out or increase a problem you already have.

Your skin or final look with and without make up shouldn’t make such a difference, we all feel and look more glamorous with make up on however make up shouldn’t be applied for the intention of changing how you look like, but to enhance your features.

The second step, which is also essential, is to pick your shade. There’s a huge variety of foundations that give you many different results such as a bronze, dewy, matte and natural look. Some come with a corrector, and some are full coverage while others are light-to-build up coverage. You pick your foundation based on what you want to cover or achieve. We all ask for help at a makeup store from the makeup artists working there , but let’s be honest, most of them make the matter worst by either giving us the wrong shade or by agreeing with what product we go for when it’s wrong. The right thing to do is to swipe the foundation on your jawline, preferably under natural light or in a well-lighted space. You also want to consider the fact that you’ll be using a bronzer and blush, so make sure it’s exactly the same shade or maybe half a shade to a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Personally, I always go for a foundation with a yellow undertone because it tends to correct and lighten up the overall base of your makeup.

The right concealer
Another step every girl should take is to purchase the right concealer, it dramatically changes your look. I have to admit, some days I go out with no foundation on and only concealer. It covers up your dark circles as well as any annoying blue and red veins the show up when you’re tired. My job sometimes exhausts me, I work 10-12 hours a day and also involves a lot of travelling, so some mornings I wake up and just not look like myself! Concealer does the job very well, trust me ladies.

Of course, concealers come in all types and colors also depending on what you want to achieve. Your regular concealer should come two-four shades lighter than your skin tone, but some concealers are also used to correct any blemishes or dark circles. Some come in the color green, to color correct any blemishes and red spots, some come in coral/orange and even red to color correct your dark circles or any darker areas on your face, it even covers up any tattoos you have. After you apply your color correctors you apply your concealer. Some come with a yellow undertone to brighten and conceal and some come with a pink undertone for that extra brightness as the “Kardashian’s look” which works great with olive skin tones.

Understand your skin as well as educate yourself with what products are in the market to get that final and perfect look.