Registration for Assembly polls opens on Oct 26

The National Assembly KUWAIT: The interior ministry yesterday announced it will receive applications from parliamentary election candidates from...

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25th October

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UK and EU try to land deal on fish

LONDON: EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier (right), wearing an EU flag-themed facemask due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, leaves a...

Movies & Music

Asia’s biggest film fest opens as a shadow of its usual...

This handout photo shows visitors sitting among movie posters to observe social distancing as they attend at a public talk about...


Iraq’s ‘stadium of horrors’ in ruins, but the game goes on

MOSUL: Mohamed Fathi (right), coach of Al-Mosul FC, speaks with his team players at the ravaged Al-Idara Al-Mahalia stadium, which was...

Fashion & Art

Mexico’s ‘Weeping Woman’ returns with pandemic-era twist

Actress Nayeli Cortez performs in the La Llorona folk play, at the Cuemanco pier in the "chinampas" of Lake Xochimilco.

Health & Science

Translation tools, air purifiers: Face masks go high-tech

This photograph shows Professor Chen Xiaodon from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University talking to...


Facebook unveils AI-based translator for 100 languages

WASHINGTON: Facebook on Monday unveiled software based on machine learning which the company said was the first...