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Who Cares?

Talal Al-Ghannam

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning my blessed readers and I wish you a blessed month and forgiveness from Allah Almighty. In this article, I would like to pinpoint on many critical issues that are neglected and not being given any attention by authorities either concerning citizens or expatriates.

The National Assembly is keeping eyes and ears closed about such issues and is concerned with benefits MPs are getting, in addition to settling disputes and fights among each other.

The government, meanwhile, is also doing very little to try to find appropriate solutions to such harsh and complicated issues that really affect the living conditions of both nationals and expatriates.

Let me phrase my article through some points:
* The rent of apartments is skyrocketing for all segments of the society compared to a few years back. Who cares?

* Prices of fruits, vegetables and necessities vary from one cooperative society to another while the cooperative union is keeping its eyes closed on that. It is normal to see one commodity priced at KD 1 and find it somewhere else at KD 1.5 for example. Who cares?

* Taxi drivers have their own fares and one can end up in a fight due to the unfair price. The Ministry of Interior must seriously interfere in this issue, set an acceptable and just taxi fair and stop the current fair of 150 fils at takeoff which is unjust for them. Who cares?

* There has to be a solution to the greed exercised by the majority of residential buildings’ janitors (haris) who have control on who rents a flat depending on who pays the highest bid. I have never in my whole life seen this happening in modern countries. What I know is that you can give the haris a reasonable and satisfactory tip and take the flat. Nowadays, many of them when asked if there was a vacancy, their answer is ‘no’ as they can tell who can be an easy prey for their greedy minds. Who cares?

* Who can stop many police investigators from being so mean and impolite to both Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis? It is normal for them to have you wait outside for 5 hours if you express anger and dissatisfaction. They can turn the case against you if they want. The majority of them do not have the time and mood to go out with you to inspect your car if it was involved in an accident, and would only tell you to go take a photo of your car and bring it to him. I think many can turn the story around on the spot of the accident without the inspector being present. Who cares?

* Who can stop some employers from being oppressive against their domestic workers? When can we see the contract between the employer and the domestic worker being implemented, and the worker is granted his or her full rights according to the contract? Why is it always that the worker is to blame? Why is it that when the victimized worker goes to the police station he or she would be yelled at and kicked out of the apparatus? Why is it that all employers are right and all workers are wrong? Why don’t the investigators and police carefully listens to both sides’ points of view and then decide rather than making the worker always to blame? Who cares?

* Why is it that entering the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s building feels as if you are entering Guantanamo? Why does it take months sometimes for a case to be settled? Why do you have to bring wasta (connections) with you to get your case done? Who can discipline some workers of the ministry if they were impolite with the clients? Whenever you want to see the manager, he or she is always in a meeting or some other obligation. Who cares?

* When will the authorities re-open the family visa for our Pakistani brethrens who have been separated from their loved ones? It is really hard for family members to be far away from each other while seeing other nationalities having no problems bringing in their relatives. Who cares?

* When can we be able to drive smoothly on the road rather than being on a rollercoaster? When will the roads be clean again with no missing manhole covers and holes everywhere? When will the mountain-like speed bumps be removed? Who cares?

* When will the bad sponsors be really punished? When will those who trade in persons be penalized? Who cares?

* When will we see the phenomenon of runaway housekeepers and workers stop? Who cares?

* A little comparison between the prices of medicines here in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is worth of contemplation. But who cares?

Until the next article insha’Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam

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This article was published on 22/06/2015