The worst is yet to come

The sense of patriotism is dying in most people

According to recent statistics, Arabs’ declared losses over the past six years reached $ 1.2 trillion, which is only the cost of corruption in Arab countries. The list also includes $ 640 billion in the form of Arab countries’ annual GDP losses; almost complete infrastructure destruction in four Arab countries; Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria; $ 300 million annually paid to fund anti-terrorism movements by practicing other forms of terrorism; $ 900 million as labor losses in Arab countries due to the presence of 30 million unemployed people. Meanwhile, there were 14 million refugees, 8 million displaced and over a million killed and wounded in Arab countries, while the annual cost of refugees reached at least $ 50 million. In the meantime, 14 million children were denied access to schools, whereas 70 million Arabs are below poverty threshold.

The above information is to be noted, and sectarian and hatred wars, with all the funding of media promoting and instigating them is also of significance. The strange thing is that all Arabs realize such disasters and are still unable to reorganize themselves. They have no organizations like those in other countries for disaster management. The sense of patriotism is dying in most people and colonization has resulted in creating groups of freedom-fighters who have bravely and gallantly fought battles to liberate their countries. Unfortunately, today’s Arabs have given everything to leaders who led their countries into the statistical facts mentioned above. The latest ideals of our rulers is holding meetings that do no more than what aspirin does to dangerous forms of cancer; by spreading around the Arab world. Only God knows what secret agreements have been made with US President Dolan Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The worst is still ahead of us.-Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Dr Najem Abdul Kareem

This article was published on 17/05/2017